Surface (2014)
Duration: 7’31
Format: audio-visual

Surface is part of an on-going collaborative project between video artist and composer that investigates the potential for physical, analogue and digital technologies to communicate and to redefine the language of sound and image.

The visual material from this piece is derived solely from a photograph of a painting titled Texture 1 (2013). Computer algorithms articulate and modulate the physical properties of the image to form an animated temporal flow of images; raising questions of how digital transmission can be used to communicate and to readdress the reception of an artwork in the virtual domain.

The music is tied to these animated images, but rather than simply illustrating the image it creates a kind of lense – adding a senses of interpretation, dimension and different kinds of movement. The final result is more like a conversation in which neither sound nor image take priority but instead the two media communicate and appear to expand on and reflect each other’s motion.

All sounds in the piece are derived from an analogue modular synthesizer edited and layered in a DAW with very little subsequent digital processing.

Visual materials constructed and coded at Thought Universe studios, Manchester.

Collaboration: Richard Scott, Sound.

Screenings: Premiere  Music and Screen Media Conference , The University of Liverpool, 2014.