‘Keep it Human’ Aspect Fellowship video, July 2021

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July 2021: Worked alongside Dr. Adriana Riuz in compiling, editing and subtitling a video for ‘Keep It Human’ a social venture organization at the intersection of video gaming and digital philanthropy. The film highlights research in gamification of social ventures, including testimonies from partner organisations associated with the Aspect fellowship programme. Aspect is a growing […]

FutureSession: Atmospheric Memory

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FutureSession: Atmospheric Memory. The reason I applied for the FutureSession bursary was to be intellectually stimulated and hear about the latest tech. savvy artworks commissioned by FutureEverything, Manchester UK. The main theme of this particular FutureSession was based on ‘Atmospheric Memory‘ an installation by the Mexican artist Rafael Lorenza-Hemmer commissioned by the Manchester International Festival, […]

Visible-Bits-Audible-Bytes 2016

Moiré screening at Visible Bits, Audible Bytes 2016 February Wed 17 Feb. at 6.30pm, Phoenix Independent Cinema, Leicester UK.

Synchresis Program 16

Synchresis Programs 2015 Synchresis_P16s

Foreign Tongues – Live Coded Visualisation for String Quartet.

Working in collaboration with instrumental composer Daniel Kidane (PhD candidate at the Guildhall School of Music, London) on his piece ‘Foreign Tongues’ for string quartet. I m producing a dynamic graphic score that utilises cross-media practice of visual computer code. Performing alongside musicians from the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) using a custom built program made with […]


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  Rehearsing in Manchester with the EMS VCS3 synthesizer in preparation for the xCoax 2015 conference. The conference proceedings xcoax 2015. Putney live performance @ Xcoax Conference 2015. Ricardo Climent (live game-audio engines) and Mark Pilkington (1969 VCS3) from Wunderbar Lab Berlin on Vimeo.  

Howzat: An Appeal for Nature

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Ecology and nature conservation view sound as an intrinsic component of the landscape. With this idea in mind,’Howzat: An Appeal for Nature’ is a soundscape composition that studies the rural soundscape of Atherton Wildlife and Nature Meadow, Lancashire, UK. The piece brings attention to how soundscapes continuously transform through space and time. Seen as a complex […]

Foof 8.1 – Shortlisted for ‘Condit’ Electroacoustic Concert in Argentina 2014

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 Foof  8.1 Multi-channel composition that derives its sonic content from analog synthesisers and redundant audio technologies. The piece was composed at Thought Universe Studio, Manchester and finally completed at Lancaster University. The piece was judged and shortlisted by Jonty Harrison, Dennis Smalley and José Rafael Subía Valdez for the conDiT-Akousmatikon electroacoustic concert in Agentina. The piece […]

Dr. Ricardo Climent – Sound Mapping and Metadata in 3D Virtual Environments.

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Title: Interactive Sound Mapping and Metadata in 3D Virtual Environments. Dr Ricardo Climent, The University of Manchester [MUSIC]. Director of Composition and the NOVARS Research Centre. Dr. Ricardo Climent was invited to talk with music students at Lancaster University. His lectured raised an perceptual awareness to the primacy of the ear in order to question visual dominance. By using […]

‘Mesh’ DIEM Electronic Media Project 2013

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In October 2013, I was lucky enough to take part in the 5x5x15 Electronic Media Project at DIEM (Danish Institue of Electronic Music) at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, Denmark. The project commissioned five visual artist’s to collaborate with five composers currently studying at DIEM. I worked with Sebastian Edin a Swedish composer on composing a […]