Moiré (2014)
Duration: 9’03
Format: A/V

Moiré is a fixed audio-visual composition that investigates perceptual correspondence between sound and image. The concept is based on encounters and exchanges between fictional characters within a milieu of audio-visual interference. Digital transformations portray memories, thoughts and feelings of social meaning projected in an audio-visual framework. Creating a living dynamic field that demonstrates how social information is captured and inverted in a continuum of self-expression. 

The original visual material consisted of computer coded graphics and film footage captured from VHS video tapes. This was animated to fit the sound by splitting it into fragments to produce a spatial temporal structure. 

The image materiality is spatially arranged in both the horizontal and vertical planes according to the spectral content of the sound material. Each component has been aligned to form temporal spatial trajectories to transform audio-visual space. Creating a phenomenological experience pertains to a metaphysical state of transcending the meaning of the original sourced material. 

Filming directly in front of a TV screen infused the video images with a secondary layer of magnetic polar patterns to create a moiré field. A moiré field is a vibration that appears solid through the diffraction of light between two visible surfaces, it’s the point at which light exceeds our ability to discern such fine slices of time. 

Sounds were produced using analogue and digital synthesizers at NOVARS the University of Manchester, 2010. 

Visuals produced at Thought Universe studios, Manchester, 2013.

Moiré awarded the grand prize at the Open Circuit Festival, University of Liverpool, 2014.