Peterloo in Sound concert 2019

Sound as Being in partnership with Manchester Histories and the NOVARS Research Centre present Peterloo in Sound 2019  a multi-channel sound piece to commemorate the 200 year anniversary of the Peterloo massacre.

Location: The Reading Room, Manchester Central Library
Date: Saturday 22nd June, 2019.
Time: 15.00 – 16.00
Technical Assistant : Guillaume Dujat
Thanks to Prof. Ricardo Climent, Prof. David Berezan and Jon Tipler (Music Technician) from the NOVARS Research Centre the University of Manchester for supporting the project.


Peterloo (2011) by Mark Pilkington

Duration: 12’16

Format: Fixed Media Multi-channel 5.1

Peterloo 5.1 is a sound composition inspired by a historical event that came to be known as ‘The Peterloo Massacre’, that happened in Manchester, England on the 16th August, 1819. The sound material consists of location recordings captured from student protests held in Manchester 2010 and the rural setting of Maccelesfield Forest, Cheshire in 2010. Historical transcriptions and archive sound recordings were gathered with the help of Prof. Robert Poole of the University of Central Lancashire, The Peoples History Museum, Manchester, The North West Sound Archive and the British Library. The text transcriptions provided a narrative framework to structure the electroacousitc sounds. The soundscape recordings were sonically transformed using a computer and spatially arranged within a 5.1 loud speaker array. The spatial aspect of the composition considers the listeners position, reception and inclusion.

Realised at the NOVARS Research Centre the University of Manchester 2009-2012.
Peterloo 5.1 a stereo version format .mp3

For a copy of the 5.1 surround version please email composer.
Peterloo technical information.pdf

Photos courtesy of L. Henderson

Copyright © 2011 Mark Pilkington.