Agora (2019)
Duration: 10’40
Format: Algorithm Stereo

Agora (2019) is a generative piece of electroacoustic music that combines analog and digital audio technologies. A number of sonic patterns were formed by live coding an algorithm to create various types of automated sound processes. These generative processes act as a mediating form to interconnect in the development of machine musicianship and interactive music. Through the application of generative processes we become the primary authors of our own digital paradigm – beyond interfaces and cultural norms. The formation of algorithmic design questions preconceived ideas of music to reveal uncharted territories of space. Investigating new forms of matter through algorithms results in an incomplete and emergent discourse. Agora addresses these concerns by creating a situation where real-time sound transformations are linked to the systematic design of human interaction. The process becomes a ‘simulation of models’ (Baudrillard, 1994) that places sound as a navigating medium of expression to question the wider concerns of visual dominance.

The Computer Arts Society Exhibition at Lightbox Gallery, LCB Depot Liecester UK 22nd July – 7th August 2019
Event Two Exhibition, The Royal College of Art, London UK 12th-17th July 2019.

Baudrillard, Jean, Simulacra and Simulation. University of Michigan Press, 1994

PDF – Agora Programme note and Bio.

Event Two photos from the Royal College of Art exhibition courtesy of Sean Clark.

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