‘Sound as Being’ organises and promotes electroacoustic music concerts at unique architectural spaces in the North West of England.

Sound as Being 3 presents Peterloo in Sound a concert performance of Peterloo 5.1 to commemorate the 200 year anniversary of the Peterloo masacre.
Venue: Reading Room, Manchester Central Library, Manchester UK.
Date: 15.00 – 16.00 Saturday 22nd June 2019.
A free event.
Please book at Peterloo in Sound.

Peterloo 5.1 is a sound composition inspired by a historical event that came to be known as ‘The Peterloo Massacre’, that happened in Manchester, England on the 16th August, 1819. The sound material consists of location recordings captured from recent student protests held in Manchester 2010 and the rural the setting of Maccelesfield Forest, Cheshire in 2010. Historical transcriptions and archive sound recordings were gathered with the help of Prof. Robert Poole of the University of Central Lancashire, The Peoples Museum, Manchester, The North West Sound Archive and the British Library. The text transcriptions provided a narrative framework to structure the electroacousitc sounds. The soundscape recordings were sonically transformed using a computer and spatially arranged within a 5.1 loud speaker array. The spatial aspect of the composition considers the listeners position, reception and inclusion.


‘Sound as Being 2’ – An Evening Concert of Electroacoustic and Visual Music.
Jack Hylton Music Room
Lancaster University
Friday 19th June 2015
19.00 – 21.00


Concert 1

Maxime Corbeil Perron (CA)                                                               Ghostly (2013)

Chris Rhodes (UK)                                                       Between Two Worlds (2015)

Mark Pilkington (UK)                                                                              Moiré 

Brona Martin (IR)                                                          A Bit Closer to Home (2014)

Matt Davies (UK)                                                                        Live the Story (2015)


Concert 2

Ludwig Berger (DE)      Mapping of Hypthetical Islands on the Scale 1:1 (2014)

Myriam Boucher (CA)                                                                                  Cités (2014)

Hayley Lawson (UK)                                                         All Woman are Bad (2015)

Helene Hedsund (SE)                                                                               Klinga (2013)

Ryo Ikeshiro (JP)                                                    Construction in Kneading (2013)

Programme documentation Sound as Being 2.pdf



‘Sound as Being’ is a concert of electroacoustic music at Lancaster university on Friday 20th March, 2015. Featuring multi-channel, audio-visual and sound art from both emerging and established UK and International composers and artists.

‘Sound as Being 1’ – An Evening Concert of Electroacoustic and Visual Music.
Jack Hylton Music Room
Lancaster University
Friday 20th March 2015
19.00 – 22.00


Concert 1

Lewis Williams:                                                   Crash (2014)

Dimitris Savva:                                 Balloon Thoeries (2013)

Coryn Smethhurst:                     Fragments from Air (2015)

Chris Rhodes:                      Aurality (2015) world premiere

Glenn Boulter:                                                         .azk (2014)

Hayley Lawson:         The Hideout (2015) world premiere

Jean Piché:                           Horizons (2015) UK premiere


Concert 2

Sebastien Laviore:                          Basketball Glitch (2013)

Matt Davies:                 Sentencing (2015) world premiere

Danny Saul:                            Glitches / Trajectories (2014)

Rosalia Soria:                                         Time Paradox (2015)

Mark Pilkington:                   Lens 7 (2014) world premiere

Vanessa Massera:                                Wrathful Vine (2012)


Concert 3

Andrew Deakin:                                                   Ring! (2014)

Lars Bröndum:                     Encircled (2014) UK premiere

Yaxu:                                  Live Code Improvisation (2015)

Helene Hedsund:                          Under Eiffeltornet (2014)

Manoli Moriaty:                               Unsound Connections

Programme documentation Sound as Being .pdf


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Image: Inside the Jack Hylton music room at Lancaster university.