Foof (2014)
Duration: 14’00
Format: Eight channel

Foof is an 8.1 acousmatic composition that derives its sonic content from improvisations on analogue modular synthesisers, especially the EMS VCS3 (figure 1). The piece investigates retrograde audio technologies combined with generative music software. The unpredictability and instability of analogue audio systems lies in stark contrast to the clarity and precision of digital audio. One particular dynamic process was to directly record the sounds of analogue synthesisers onto compact cassette. This analogue process added tape hiss and saturation altering the sonic materiality of the signal. The piece began life at Thought Universe Studio (Manchester, UK) and an eight-channel version was finally completed in an eight channel studio at LICA, Lancaster University.

Concerts :
2014 : Shortlisted for the Conduit Festival in Argentina
2014 : Sines and Squares festival, NOVARS Research Centre, University of Manchester (World Premiere)

For a copy of the 8.1 version, please contact the composer.

Foof stereo version, format .mp3.