Title: Structured Behaviour (2021)

Duration: 10’40

Format: Algorithmic audio-visual composition

Structured Behaviour is an algorithmic composition that fuses both audio and visual entities. A series of algorithmic behaviors are mapped using custom designed audio-visual processes. Numerical relationships are established to generate a visual composition that provides the basis of a complex interplay within the auditory level. The coexistence of human and machine interactions forms an ontogenetic structure that relies on continual relations between the user and technology. An ongoing structural change occurs from moment to moment, either triggered by interactions, or as a result of internal dynamics. The visual material consists of drawings representing sound transformations in space. Sound material is derived from instrumental, modular synthesisers and environmental sounds. Non-linearity plays a structural role in the temporal evolution of the invariant algorithmic design. It is precisely this emphasis on the evolving relationship between parameters and interactive feedback that characterizes the piece in terms of real-time adaptation, emergence and transformation.

Live recording of Structured Behaviors performed at the Giga Hertz concert, ZKM November 2021

Recorded and filmed live at ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe within the frame of the Giga-Hertz Award on November 27, 2021.