Synergies (2020)

Duration: 6’03

Format: Code

Synergies (2020) is a collaborative piece by Dr. Mark Pilkington (Thought Universe) and Dr. Oliver Carman (University of Liverpool) that investigates the integration of sound and images in the composition of electroacoustic music. Using code to form an animated graphic score to represent sounds derived from the human voice. 

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4th March 2023 – MANTIS festival

Oli Carman Bio

Oli Carman is Lecturer in Music Technology at the University of Liverpool. He is a composer of Acousmatic music, a number of collaborative audio-visual works, and recently an author of fantasy fiction. His work is regularly performed throughout the UK and internationally, and has also been recognised at numerous international festivals and competitions recently including – Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival, Aug – Sept 2020, PIXELS FEST, Yekaterinburg, Russia, March 2020, Mention – Prix Destellos, Argentina, 2019 and 2nd Prize – Xenakis International Electroacoustic Competition 2017.