Howzat: An Appeal for Nature

Posted by on Jun 26, 2014 in soundscape

Ecology and nature conservation view sound as an intrinsic component of the landscape. With this idea in mind,’Howzat: An Appeal for Nature’¬†is a soundscape composition that studies the rural soundscape of Atherton Wildlife and Nature Meadow, Lancashire, UK. The piece brings attention to how soundscapes continuously transform through space and time. Seen as a complex ‘entity’, the soundscape presents the listener with significant temporal and spatial variation. Each particular environment¬†reveals temporal variations that relate both to biological and human rhythms of activities, while spatial variation mainly reflects land-uses in the landscape. The conservation of the soundscape is now seen as an integral part of urban and rural infrastructure.¬†Monitoring and decoding the sonic activities help us understand how sound imparts and informs our own existence.

‘Howzat: An Appeal for Nature’ consists of sound recordings captured over the course of a day from the surrounding area of Atherton meadows, Wigan, Lancashire. The rich diversitification of recordings have been sonically transformed using custom built computer algorithms into a musical composition. A performance will take place at the ‘Arts for Nature’ event, Atherton Cricket Club at 15.30 on Monday 25th August 2014.