A Tribute to Nam June Paik in Music – PRSF/FACT music event.

Posted by on Dec 21, 2010 in audio-visual

Two music events, supported by the PRSF, enabled me to perform in Liverpool, December 2010:

Touch the Stars Pt. 2 (fixed-media) performed at The Planetarium, World Museum, Liverpool, 16 December 2010

Later on that evening I performed a concert of audio-visual pieces to celebrate the opening of the ‘Nam June Paik’ exhibitions at Tate Liverpool and FACT:

Live Transitor Radio procession at FACT.

Woodland Wablers – Ross Dalziel (laptop and potted plant), Glenn Boulter (processed electric guitar) and Steve Symons (electric wooden saw).

Noise Club – Simon Jones (electronics/visuals) and Adam (cello),

Mark Pilkington (laptop and visuals).

DJ – Irfan Rainy

Venue: The Kazimier, Liverpool.

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