SonicInterMedia/NOVARS 2013

Posted by on Oct 4, 2013 in Lectures 2015

Had a fantastic time visiting ARS Electronica and the Anton Bruckner PrivatunUniverstat in Linz, Austria 13th – 16th October, 2013. I was there to screen my audio-visual composition Birth at ‘Deep Space’ within the ARS Electronica building. The venue features a ultra-high-definition imagery projection system in 16×9-meter format combined with a multi-channel sound system. The architectural design of the space, coupled with the latest audio-visual technologies, provides a unique platform to screen immersive audio-visual works.

During my visit, I presented a lecture, ‘Audio-Visual: A Sense of Language’ which focuses on the theoretical and practical concerns of the composition Birth. My NOVARS colleagues from NOVARS, Professor David Berezan and Constantin Popp, PhD candidate presented additional discussions on ‘An Overview of NOVARS Research’ and ‘Multi-Channel Stem Composition’.

The trip was made possible through a personal invitation from Professor Andreas Weixler of the Anton Bruckner University. A big thank you must also go to his partner Seh-Lien Chuang and the technical team for their support on the day of the concert.


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