Dialogues V2 (2019)
Duration: 6’55
Format: Audio-Visual Algorithm

Dialogues V2 is the continuation of a collabarative project between the University of Liverpool composer Oliver Carmen and internationally recognised composer and audio-visual artist Mark Pilkington. The project began as part of Open Circuit 2018 with the audio-visual work Dialogues (2018) and continues now as part of the ICCAT residency programme.

Here, the collaborative journey takes place through a reciprocal network that enables the construction of contrasting media. The original fixed audio-visual work is reworked as a live performance, using Ableton Live and Processing. Audio is sliced, diced and reassembled live, using looping and granular synthesis, via live code. Linking with the constant state of a musical flux and real-time transformations of sound that are remotely linked to control the systematic design of the visual images.

Dialogues V2 (2019) awarded an honorary mention at XII° Destellos Competition 2019

Concerts and Screenings
2020: March 14th
Dialogues V2 (2019) shortlisted for PIXELSFEST 2020 Theme: Digital Utopias and screened on the Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Images courtesy of Helen Thomas

Open Circuit 2019 Interactive Traces Concert
Wednesday 16th March 2019, The Hub, Gordon Stephenson Building
Oliver Carmen and Mark Pilkington – Dialogues V2
Jimena Maldonado ÁlvarezTraceurs
Guðmundur Steinn GunnarssonSitt hvoru megin við þilið/em>
Sean Russell HallowellORGANEBULA
Johanna Ruotsalainen – Hysteria
Frederic MathevetWave Study


Seth Shafer Terraformation
Takuto FukudaSuper Colliders
Arthur Keegan-BoleLudo Ludamus Redux
Jason Hodgsonthe destination is obslete
Paul TurowskiSQ2
Tharciscio Vaz Breu – Audio Game

Ligeti Quartet
Mandhira de Saram – violin 1
Patrick Dawkins – violin 2
Richard Jones – viola
Val Welbanks – cello

Video of the concert.