60 (2015)
Duration: 9’31
Format: audio-visual

60 (2015) is a film made by sixth form media pupils from St. Ambrose Barlow High School, Swinton, Manchester, UK with assistance from Dr. Mark Pilkington, Thought Universe Electronic Music Studio.

Over a 20 week period, sixth form pupils learned about the art of audio-visual programming to create their own dynamic sounds and images. Each session consisted of a classroom based workshop that followed the aims and objectives set out in a strategic learning plan. The format of each session consisted of: an introduction on audio-visual art, a hands-on practical software demonstration and a discussion about the artistic direction of the project. Each practical task was designed to encourage pupils to explore live coding through experimentation and play. Their final images and sounds were collected and edited into a film. As a group, we decided on the concept of historical transformation. Focusing on the changing face of staff and pupils, fashion and the architecture of the school. Throughout the project pupils were encouraged to learn independently and within small groups the skill of tactile decision making within the context of art and design. The final film was projected onto a large screen in front of the whole school.

Music by Thought Universe.

Commissioned by the Ideas Foundation.
Made with the visual programming language Processing.

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  • Screenshot of the Processing code:

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