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Since 1994, Thought Universe EMS is a studio in Manchester (UK) producing electroacoustic music and sound-art. Thought Universe EMS is run as an independent organisation. The studio is available for the production of electroacoustic music and sound-art, Thought Universe EMS aim is to support artistic development of electroacoustic music and its integration within other artistic areas. Thgought Universe EMS represents electroacoustic music from international contexts and sees as one of its main tasks to act as an informer, both nationally and internationally. Foreign composers come to Thought Universe EMS to work and learn EA composition. If your interested to find out more about the one-to-one tution and to arrange a visit please email.

As the recording artist ‘Thought Universe’ I have produced music that reflects my interest in the music styles of electro, hip-hop, experimental and noise.

Please follow this link to listen and visit the shop.