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Hidden Forest A/V (2018)
Duration: 11’33
Format: Algorithmic

Hidden Forest is an algorithmic composition that combines a variety of coded media elements. The concept examines the impact of technology on representing ecological concerns and nature. An imaginary forest acts as an ecosystem inhabited by entities whose presence is sensed through the movement of light and sound. These non-biological entities flash across the screen intertwining and reproducing with one another. Its through an appliance of movement that allows us to comprehend their embodied existence in a spatial-temporal field. The piece amplifies our senses to raise awareness of how natural and artificial ecosystems can interact to bring about social change. The visual material consists of photographs, film and hand-drawn sketches all encoded to follow the properties of the sound material. The appliance of mapping and the use of experimental modelling is an important aspect in the artistic research of this algorithmic composition. The temporal in the invariant algorithmic design relies on continual relations rather than digital fixing. It is precisely this emphasis on the evolving relationship between parameters or their interactive feedback that characterizes the piece in terms of real-time adaptation, emergence and transformation. The parametric design allows the temporal dimension of space to become central through the formation of invariant topologies. Prediction is no longer based on finite probabilities, but rather on the inclusion of potential qualities. Thus the piece offers a fresh insight into the formation of art as a way to restore a continuity of experience in nature.


Hidden Forest Technical Spec.


Screen shot of the code used in Hidden Forest (2018) :

Bonescape a pen and ink sketch used in Hidden Forest (2018):

inSonic2018 stage layout:

Performance video clips: