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In July 2014, I was invited by EMS, Stockholm to be part of their 50th anniversary celebrations. A tour was organized to bring electronic music to villages and towns in central Sweden.

On July 20th, eleven artists and composers departed Stockholm to the county of Dalarna (literally, “the valleys”) to perform live and fixed electroacoustic music. Dalarna is a rural area in central Sweden, known for its distinct emblem of a red wooden horse (see picture below) and its longstanding folk music tradition. During the journey, we traveled through large forests now home to wolves, wild boars and moose. Occasionally, we stopped off for a quick swim in one of the numerous fresh water lakes, the water was warm and the weather hot.

In all we visited four locations: Siljansnäs, Falun and Thurbo, finally arrived at the Norbergfestival.

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