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60 (2015)
Duration: 9’31
Format: audio-visual

60 is a live-coded film produced by Sixth form media pupils from St. Ambrose Barlow High School, Swinton, Manchester, UK.

Over a 20 week period pupils were introduced to audio-visual programming and electronic music composition. They gathered images and sounds relating to the changing architecture of the school over its sixty year history. Through a series of workshops the pupils produced audio-visual sketches made using the programming language Processing. The project introduced pupils to the potential of tactile decision making and live coding within the context of art and design. The film embodies their own ideas merged together through the practice of creative programming to reveal the potential of dynamic media.

Electroacoustic composer Mark Pilkington and Sixth Form Creative Media pupils from St. Ambrose Barlow School, Swinton, UK.

Commissioned by the Ideas Foundation.

Made with the visual programming language Processing.

Music by Thought Universe.

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  • Screenshot of the Processing code:

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